Brides Spending More for Las Vegas Weddings

Las Vegas is known for its one-stop wedding where the bride’s dress, the flowers and the chapel in the same place and at home an hour found.

   However, the trend of wedding in Las Vegas is changing, and now the wedding capital of the world produces more luxury weddings for the average American than ever.

   According to “” in 2006, the average cost of the wedding will be $ 24,860. This price does not mean that the days of stopping the race to the chapel for a wedding over, but Las Vegas is now considered as a shopping center with a variety of wedding chapels wedding bride for everyone.

   Pairs to check schedules, fares and parents, even inviting them to join them in their honeymoon in Las Vegas.

   Each major casino has more than one wedding chapel ready for marriage planned for six months, and outliers spontaneously.

   The Bellagio is an example of a large hotel with a dozen packages to choose from,. In the price of $ 1,200 to $ 15,000

   Whether it’s a girlfriend after a year of his contract and up to five minutes in the curious could not tell the difference between the two marriages, because all the major hotels and casinos in Las Vegas and believes wives volunteered deserve dream wedding, the bride and planning.

   Yes, a new look at wedding in Las Vegas for the best. Luxury and growing ever married in the wedding capital of the world.

   Expect a lot changed, however. Las Vegas, I never let go of the great traditions of marriage were born there … More Hotel and Casino has an Elvis impersonator on hand in case of emergency.

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