Endless Zombie Rampage Game Review Zombie Survival Shooter

The Zombie Survival shooter has been around for some time, but I thought I would write another review here that the flash game is a timeless classic. The productions of patients who also has responsibility for development and games Thing Thing Red Eternal Endless Zombie Rampage created any remorse for his edition of a festival of blood. But do not worry if you can not hack and slash kind of horror, the game becomes a caricature in a realistic way, so it comes out more like a movie set manga strange impasse bad night.

There are three game modes:

Defensive Mode: Play on many different levels, each with increasing difficulty. Have you every zombie army on the experience level states that to win, you can buy more weapons and power-ups. The game begins with a single weapon as a major source of defense. Survival Mode: Choose from a wide selection of advanced weapons, in an attempt to survive the growing tip of zombies mutations. Experimental Mode: Here you can adjust the intensity of the zombie uprising.

Endless Zombie Rampage is best played when defensive mode is selected. It guides you through all the weapons and improve the level of difficulty of step by step, you will need monster face of limited resources. It is therefore important to use your experience points wisely, if you upgrade a gun too early and the best second, you can easily be caught by inadequate primary weapon.

As mentioned, the game is designed cartoon graphics, but has a level of realism. How zombies dead in the field injected into transfer case is like an artist painting a Picasso with a bucket of blood and guts. Exclude the body of all the zombies you can stay in the soil until the end of the game, so expect a sea of ??red when. Competent enough to survive until the last level

The game also supports Endless Zombie Rampage. It is very easy to maneuver your character on the map. The game is drawn at an angle, this is a good choice for the task at hand allows the light to react quickly, where will the next attack and loses its way from base to protect. If the game had been developed from a first person view with the same difficulty, hope not survive, and perhaps even some fools hope.

Aim and shoot a gun is very accurate and has a white cursor to point directly to the holding point of the zombies head, which helps to eliminate quickly. One thing to keep in mind is that you can move and aim your target at the same time, which is useful when you need your attention at various angles at the base.

The availability of weapons in this game is remarkable. You have the choice of weapons ranging from simple pistols USP and pampered as Seven Five in miniguns as GAU-8. The effects of weapons and shooting touch to a high level of detail designed, you can definitely see and feel the difference between a pistol or shotgun easy Mini available. If in so far as the possibility of obtaining the GAU-8, has the option to kill massive numbers of zombies with a difficult mother enjoy a weapon progress. If you can not wait to get their hands on powerful weapons then just try survival mode with its boot pistol, I think it spoils the anticipation and reward, defense to repel the hordes of zombies so that comes with a weapon just enough points to improve this additional weapon.

Exchange options are also available, with improvements such as “bloodthirsty”, which shed the last drop of blood to the point one has experience, which is quickly gaining experience points to get powerful weapons to a faster pace, but power itself costs a considerable amount. Another reason “hollow point” is where the bullets deal 10% additional damage.

It’s the little details like this, Endless Zombie Rampage shooters apart from many other free flash games online. It would have been too easy for patients Productions only a small collection of weapons were introduced, and then start the game with a minimum, but they chose a lot of time to spend on weapon models to inspire fans. There is a clear intention that the designers wanted you to feel the power of a gun or laser gun in their hands huge mini.

The sound effects in the game you dive into the story of survival. The background effects are painful cries, moans and groans strange, almost by accident, said the strangeness of the game, is an excellent choice for the main background.

If there is a downside of the game, should be enough of the creatures, I think it is too restrictive. There are some differences in changes of zombies, but not enough to say that it is a complete game. The main function’s input would have a good choice for defensive, can a single monster at the end of each level only give infinite variety forgive their general failure Zombie Rampage Monster. That is, provides a free online game in many areas, and recommend it to all readers to give the game a try.

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